Bringing Tube Amplifiers to a New Market

Recently the Wall Street Journal helped share the joy of how wonderful tube amplifiers are. Further highlighting the point that they can be affordable and well worth the price to get that "vintage filter" over modern music technology. To read the article, simply click here. Despite some of the shortcomings of the article, for instance that tube equipment may not produce "crisp" sound, those of us who have our audiophile setups understand it is just as much about the overall equipment used in harmony together to produce those glorious sounds we are now accustomed to. Fear not those of you who may be new to the scene! Once you experience the beautiful warmth of tube equipment, you will find yourself seeking out the sweet sounds of high fidelity. With the resurgence of bringing back the old and wise ways of audio, I foresee tube equipment becoming a big hit in the near future. 

Why would they be a hit? Well, there are many hybrids available which make it a more consumer friendly experience. many amplifiers can now be purchased with Bluetooth capabilities. Staying at the forefront of technology may not be as important to some, but it is a great way for entry level consumers to open up to tube equipment. There are also solid state hybrids in an effort to miniaturize equipment to make it even more mobile. Are you thinking about the holidays coming up? Why not share your love of audio and give an affordable tube amplifier? What do you think about the newer hybrid models? Let us know in the comments!

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