Bogen MXM-A Black Microphone Mixer Preamplifier

Wayne James Limited

$ 150.00 $ 185.00

The Bogen MXM-A is a professional broadcast quality, self-powered mixer preamplifier. Designed for use in theaters, radio stations, recording studios and public address applications. Produced in the United States by Bogen-Presto Corporation. The Output may be used to feed booster amplifiers or a low impedance 500/600 OHM transmission line by means of a 500/600 ohm plug-in transformer. There are seven available input signals of which each may be mixed and faded, ant the volume of each, except the bridging input/output, may be controlled individually or simultaneously with the master volume control. All five microphone channels are high-impedance but can be converted to low impedance by the use of plug-in transformers.  One microphone input converts to an equalized input for a magnetic phono cartridge or tape playback head. The two auxiliary inputs, both high impedance, high level, are connected to a fader control. A bridging in put accepts signals from a remote preamplifier or a zero level line. Where additional inputs may be required, up to THREE MXM-A’s may be put in parallel to accommodate up to 21 inputs. The master gain control may be used to adjust the output level.

Class: G117
Condition: Working: Excellent 
                  Cosmetic: Excellent, see pictures. 


Power Output: At 20V into high impedance load at 1% distortion; at 4V into 600ohms (with plug-in transformer) at 1% distortion; at 0.1V into 1 meg ohm from bridging output.

Frequency Response: 18-38,000 cps. ±1db

Output Impedance: High impedance less than 3,0000 ohm; 500/600 ohm with TH600 (broadcast quality) plug-in transformer.

Input Sensitivity: High impedance 2 MV; Low impedance 0.1 MV; Mag/Tape 1 MV; Aux 0.1 V; Bridging 0.5 V.

Hum: (below rated output): Microphone -60db

Tone Control Action: Treble (10KC) +12 dB to -12 dB; Bass (50 cps) +14 dB to -18 dB

Tubes: SIX (6)
 4- 12AX7, 1- 7247, 1- 12AU7, plus 3 silicon rectifiers

Power Consumption: 26 watts at 117 VAC, 50/60 cps.

Overall Dimensions
: 16 ½” wide, 12” deep, 4 ¾” High

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